"Whoever said you can't buy happiness, forgot little puppies."
~Gene Hill~
We are now accepting donations for our Service Dog program, as well as a percentage of every Great Lakes Bernedoodle puppy purchased will go to our Service Dog program!

Great Lakes Bernedoodles has the right to keep back a puppy from any litter before the selection process begins.

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Anticipated = This means that we expect this female to go in to heat and have puppies around this time.  This is only our prediction and we can not guarantee that mother nature is on the same schedule.  Please be patient as this is out of out hands.

Expected = Female is in heat or has been bred but pregnancy is too early to confirm positive.

Due = This pregnancy has been confirmed positive and is due close to the date listed.

Born = This litter has arrived on the date listed.

F1 Mini Bernedoodles

Expected December 2019

F1b Mini Bernedoodles

Due December 2019

Puppies can range 25-50lbs.

F1b Mini Bernedoodles

Due December 2019

Puppies can range 25-50lbs.

F1b Standard Bernedoodles

Expected January 2020

Puppies can range 65-75lbs.

Multigen Mini Bernedoodles

Expected January 2019

F1 Standard Bernedoodles

Expected February 2020

Puppies can range 75-110lbs.

F1 Standard Bernedoodles

Anticipated February 2020

Puppies can range 75-110lbs.