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If you are interested in one of our Bernedoodles, please fill out the PUPPY APPLICATION FORM  If your adoption form is approved, I will contact you and request a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee to reserve a puppy. If you decline a puppy when it becomes available, you may lose your reservation fee unless you roll it toward a future litter. You will lose your reservation fee if you cancel at the last minute and I have already booked and paid for flights.  Great Lakes Bernedoodles has the right of refusal on the purchase of a puppy at any time.


If a puppy is available at the time you place the reservation fee you will only have to wait a maximum 8-10 weeks. If you leave a reservation fee before breeding has taken place or just after, wait time can be up to one year depending on the length of my current list. Leaving a reservation fee before breeding has taken place or just after will ensure you are able to get a puppy out of the closer upcoming litters. If you would like to purchase a puppy please call, email to make reservation payment!  

Final payment is due at the time of pick up and is to be paid in Cash. We will accept electric payments ONLY if your puppy is enrolled in our extended training or if the puppy is being transported to you.




Prices of puppies are dependent upon color.  Both males and females are the same price.

Price ranges are subject to change.  

Prices will be subject to 6% Michigan sales tax.
Parti - $2,500

Parti - $2,500
Black/Red Bi - $2,500
Phantom - $2,800
Sable - $3,000
Tri Abstract - $3,200

Tri - $3,500
Merle - $3,500

Black Bi - $2,500
Red Bi - $2,800
Phantom - $2,800
bernedoodle puppy
Sable - $3,000
Tri Abstract - $3,200
IMG_9359 2.JPG
Tri - $3,500
D043D876-B62F-4BC3-A601-828C05220C76 3.JPEG
Merle - $3,500

What's Included

- a digital copy of their veterinary records, and helpful reading material.

- age appropriately vaccinated (never lepto)

- Microchipped (registered to Breeder until spay/neuter proof)

- Dewormed

- small blanket or plush toy with mom and sibling smells

- a few toys

- treats and chews

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