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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect a puppy?

We do our best to estimate timing based on how many litters we are expecting and the number of families on our waitlist, however, all of this will depend on Mother Nature. There are times when we don't have as many in a litter as we had anticipated and there are times when a litter fails to conceive at all. We understand your excitement but please be patient as much of this is out of our control. We try to keep our "Upcoming Litters" page as up to date as possible as well as posting on our Facebook and Instagram pages and this is where you can go to get updates on when we have litters arriving and when they're born.

We understand that you are very excited to be getting your puppy. You do not need to contact us about when you will pick, WE will contact YOU when it is your time to pick a puppy. In the meantime you can check updates on the pages listed above. 

Please don't text or email asking specifically for updates.

Are Reservations fully refundable?

They are non-refundable but are litter transferable. Reservations are a sign of commitment that you want a puppy from our program and that you are willing to wait as long as necessary for one. 


Pictures and Updates?

Pictures are done bi-weekly at 2, 4 and 6 weeks.  We know that you are excited to see your new addition grow but please keep in mind that puppies do require a lot of attention and we do have our own family and obligations and we can't always be taking as many pictures as some would like.  We do try our best though.

Please don't Text or Email specifically asking for picture updates.


What do puppies come with?

Puppies go home with;

- a folder of their veterinary records, and helpful reading material.

- age appropriately vaccinated (never lepto)

- Microchipped

- Dewormed

- small blanket or plush toy with mom and sibling smells

- a few toys

- treats and chews

What does F1, F2, F1b, etc. mean in breeding?

The F1, F2 and other designations refer to the breeding and cross-breeding generations in dogs. See our section on Bernedoodles for the complete breakdown.

What is the difference between a male and a female?

Often times the males can be larger than the females but that is about it. The personality differences are going to vary from puppy to puppy and not male vs. female. Both make amazing companions.

How can I begin preparing for my puppy before he/she comes home?

Visit our Recommended Products page.

I (or someone in my home) has dog allergies, will we have issues with a Bernedoodle?

Every person’s allergy and what triggers them is different. And every dog, even within the same litter, is different. Ultimately, you may not know for certain until the dog has been exposed to you or your family member for an extended amount of time. 

Generally, a F1b or multigen have the highest chance of being most suitable for families with allergies. Many of our dogs are happily living with non symptomatic dog allergy families!

How often do Bernedoodles need to be groomed?

Around 10-11 weeks of age is a good time to bring your puppy into the groomer for a short visit. Possibly a bath and brush-out, with no dryer. Or just a brush out, if your puppy is particularly weary. About 3 weeks later, do that again, but add 2-5 mins of blow-dryer time with lots of treats. Pick your puppy up soon, or even stay there for the visit. Slowly build up about every 3 weeks until your puppy can tolerate a full groom which includes bath, blow dry, nails, hair trim and brush out. Once puppy is confident with a full groom, you can move to every 6-8 weeks.  Your groomer should also have a good schedule recommendation.

How should I groom my Bernedoodles?

This is a Goldendoodle video but it works for Bernedoodles as well and is very informational.

Do you health test your adults?

Yes we do!  You can visit our adults pages and view on each adults profile what they will or have already been tested for prior to breeding.

How long do Bernedoodles live?

Bernedoodles typically live an average of 12-15 years. The hybrid vigor gives them a longer life expectancy.

Are your dogs registered?

Bernedoodles are a mixed breed and cannot be registered with AKC (American Kennel Club).  Our pure bred parents, poodles and Bernese mountain dogs, are all registered with AKC.

Do you have a health warranty?

Yes, we do have a health warranty.  Please go to our Health Warranty page and read what it entails before choosing to place a reservation.

Can I pay extra for first pick?

As much as we appreciate your enthusiasm, this is not something that we allow. There are families that wait months to be able to pick a puppy and we don't feel it's fair to allow others to jump in front and pick in front of them.

When can I expect a puppy?
Are reservations refundable?
Pictures and Updates?
What do puppies come wti
What does F1, F1, F1b, etc. mean in breeding?
What is the difference between a male an
How can I begin preparing for
How often to groom
How to groom
Do you health test your adults?
How long do Bernedoodles live?
Are your dogs registered?
Do you have a health warranty?
Can I pay extra for first pick
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