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Visitor Policy

We are often asked to "visit" or "meet" our puppies.  This is not surprising with the "What to look for in a breeder" websites and articles that recommend to visit the breeder and meet the parents first.  The issue with these sites and articles is that their priority is the buyer and not the health and safety of the puppies or the breeder.  Our puppies are raised in our home.  The downside to this is that we do not have an office our building outside of our home for people to visit.

Here are just some of the reasons we no longer allow visits from people who are not yet on our reservation list.

1. Pups immune systems are still developing and are not yet protected by vaccinations. Many unsuspecting visitors have brought disease (parvovirus, canine influenza, distemper, etc) inadvertently on their shoes, clothing and hands, which can result in the death of the entire litter. (articles on parvo, canine influenza, distemper)

2. Health of mamas and puppies.  Panicked moms can hurt puppies. When a stranger comes to visit, moms can feel threatened and get frantic and unintentionally step on or crush a puppy in their urgency to get out of the whelping box to assess the threat.  As well as when a stranger comes to visit, mom becomes stressed causing her body create cortisol, which goes into the milk. The puppies consume this cortisol rich milk causing biochemically induced stress in them.

3. Sometimes children not use to being around puppies  are not able to behave appropriately.  We do not want a puppy stepped on, dropped or seriously hurt, even if by accident.

4. The majority of the time our puppies are reserved before they're born or shortly thereafter, therefore, these puppies are not our to risk.  In a sense, they belong to the families that will be taking them home and it is our responsibility to keep them safe until that day arrives.  If one of the puppies was yours to be taking home, we're certain you would want us to do everything to keep that puppy safe and healthy.

5. People that email us are strangers. We don’t know anything about you other than the fact you emailed with basic information (which may or may not be true) about yourself and your family. Us inviting you, a stranger, into our home, this creates a threat to the safety of our family and our dogs.


6.It is impossible for us to know who is coming over to genuinely look at puppies and who is coming over because they want to bring family and friends to simply play with cute puppies.  We will not compromise the health and safety of puppies because someone wants to snuggle puppies.

We thank you for your understanding and consider these reasons as indicative of our reputability as a breeder, that we take our program seriously and that we put the safety of our puppies, dogs and family above a potential sale.​

We understand that it is hard to put your trust in a complete stranger, which is why we are more than happy to send videos or FaceTime.  We also have many references we can provide as well as communication with our vet, who knows us very well.

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