Great Lakes Bernedoodles puppy training is an in home training program offered by us.  We only allow for a couple puppies each litter to be enrolled in this program.  Our puppies go into their new home at 8 weeks old.  If you choose to enroll your puppy in training, it will remain will us and will start his/her training at 8 weeks and continue for the enrolled amount of time. 

We have priced the puppy program according to the time, work, and effort we will have in raising, training and maintaining an older puppy. (Must be paid for and scheduled in advance)

Option: 8-12 weeks old                                  4 Week Program                           Cost: $2000

  • More intense leash training  (puppy will be comfortable on the leash by the end of 4 weeks)

  • Crate training, longer periods between getting taken out to go potty (Sleeping through the night in crate)

  • Collar and leash training

  • Continued potty training

  • Work with commands, "sit", "down" & "come" 

  • Introduction to commands "leave it" & "off"

  • Socialization Program (children, other dogs, cats, new sights, smells, noises etc.)

(Collar & Leash are included in the cost of this program & these items go home with the puppy)


**All of these come with learning to ride in a vehicle and getting use to outings, grooming/brushing and nail trimming, age appropriate vaccinations and workings, food and maintenance costs.

We cannot make guarantees beyond our facility but our Puppy Training Program supports new home training and makes it easier for new owners in the first months.  Most puppies are not completely trusted with potty training until at least four months of age.  New owners will need to continue potty training at home. The success of potty training and commands will depend on the consistency of the new owner. 

**Puppy balance and training cost must be paid in full prior to starting puppy training.  New owners are responsible for pick-up.

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