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Our Place

Whelping Room

The whelping room is where our mamas gift birth and the puppies remain until they are three weeks old.

This area is nice and secluded for the new mamas to have some privacy and enjoy her new babies.


This area is where the puppies are during weeks 3-6.  We section it into two areas, one is for the babies and mama to be and the other area is for just the mamas to be able to get away from her babies and have a little break.

As the puppies get older and are getting the hang of potty training we expand their area and add in different toys and stimulations.

Toddler Area

The toddler area is where the puppies are from 6-8 weeks. This is quite a large area where puppies have a variety of climbing toys and other stimulations.  They have their potty areas and a sleeping area, although many times they sleep all over the climbers as well. Different toys and climbers are changed out every few days.

Outside Area

This is the outside puppy area.  When puppies are around 6 weeks old they are taken outside on a regular basis for playtime and to work on potty training. 

Other Areas

Other areas that help us keep clean are areas such as our laundry area, wash tub and grooming area.

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