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Unfurnished Bernedoodles

What does unfurnished mean?


In simple terms, an unfurnished Bernedoodle does not have coat furnishings. Coat furnishings are mostly referring to the facial hair or the "bearding".  Unfurnished Bernedoodles lack facial hair and has a smoother face as compared to a furnished Bernedoodle that has the more "teddy-bear" look.  Their coat is often a straighter coat more like their Bernese relatives. Ones with furnishings have the signature dood hair all over including their face. An unfurnished Bernedoodle can still have a curly coat but their lack of facial hair will show the unfurnished. Unfurnished puppies have a smooth face. In Bernedoodles, this greatly resembles their Bernese Mountain Dog ancestry.  Notice how the dog to the right has a smooth face? While your unfurnished Bernedoodle puppy won’t look EXACTLY like this puppy, as their coats can still vary, it gives a good idea.

Pictured to the right is an unfurnished Bernedoodles puppy from one of our litters.


What are the benefits of an Unfurnished Bernedoodle??

An unfurnished bernedoodle is much easier to maintain as far as grooming goes.  Their coats are lower maintenance and grooming is much less if any.  This can mean a savings of $400-$1000 a year in grooming fees. 

You can expect an unfurnished bernedoodle to shed far less than its Bernese family.  A pure bred Bernese is a high shedder.  An unfurnished bernedoodle will be a medium to low shedding dog.

For the true Bernese lover who does not want to have a dog with a shorter lifespan, one with healthier shedding traits and on with the amazing temperament of the multigenerational Bernedoodle, the unfurnished Bernedoodle can be the perfect option!  

Available Unfurnished Puppies

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